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Friday, May 21st, 2010

Welcome to our homeland tour blog!

We are the Rocks:  Tim, Anita, Mia and Becca.  In our family we have two larger Rocks, and two smaller Rocks, whom have been nicknamed our Pebbles. Mia and Becca are both currently age 6 and will be at the time of our trip. We will be traveling China from June 14th until June 30th, 2010 as part of Crossroads Adoption Services Homeland Tour. Our tour will be north to south starting in Beijing and ending in Hong Kong.

Here is a little background on our family and how we came to our travel decision. Tim and I were married in 1992 and long wished to start a family of our own. My infertility issues further postponed our plans for a child. In the summer of 2003, following a lot of research, we selected Crossroads Adoption Services in Edina, Minnesota to assist us with an international adoption. I remember MaryPat, our adoption councilor, joking with us at our first meeting how adoption causes fertility. How right she was!  I had never stopped my infertility treatment, instead we started the adoption process knowing the length of time it can take to finally travel and adopt. Following submission of our application to Crossroads in August of 2003, and much to our surprise, I was pregnant in September 2003. Our daughter, Rebecca, was born in May 2004.

On the Tuesday after Labor Day 2004, I received a phone call at work. Crossroads called to say our referral had been received from the China Council of Adoption Affairs. Because of our location in Park Rapids, Minnesota an email was sent including photos and a FedEx package was on its way sent overnight delivery with all of our information. I looked at the email picture of a little girl named Chen Zheng Fu with her beautiful dark eyes and I was instantly in love. Tim named her Mia (pronounced My-ah) Zheng Fu (pronounced Jung Foo). Mia was at Chenzhou Children’s Welfare Institute in the city of Chenzhou , Hunan Province. We traveled to China as a part of Crossroads travel group #82 the end of October 2004. Our little Becca, who was five months old at the time, stayed with my parents while we traveled to China to pick up her big sister Mia who was fifteen months at the time. Crossroads Chinese liaison, Tu Yune, served as our guide and Auntie Tu to all of our children. Gotcha Day was November 1, 2004 as we, and the members of group 82, were united with our children. That was the day we knew our family was complete.

Group 82

Over the past couple of years Mia has come to realize that she is different. We have talked about how families are formed in different ways. Mia and I have talked about how Becca was born from my belly and she was born from my heart. Mia realizes she has a birth mother and father in China and she lived with her group 82 friends at an orphanage in Chenzhou. The time seemed right for a first (and I say first and not only) return trip. At the young age of six, what do I want for Mia from this trip? I want Mia to know that China is a good place; that it is okay to be from there. I want her to know there is a place in the world where everyone looks like her and where I am the minority. I want Mia to experience the culture in a much bigger way than the events I can take her to here in the States. I want Mia to see her orphanage and hopefully to see other children and know where she came from. I see this journey as another step in her identity building.  This will be Becca’s first trip to China and a chance for Tim and I to revisit places close to our hearts.

Tu, Anita, Tim, Mia, Becca. November 2009

We are a part of Crossroads inaugural homeland tour. We are several families led once again by Auntie Tu

as we bring our children back to experience China. Our small travel group will consist of seven people: myself, Tim, Mia, Becca, my mother Lois, Tim’s sister Jenae and her husband Marc.  I invite you to follow our journey!