Chenzhou – Day 11

Today was the orphanage visit and our visit to Mia’s finding site. What an emotional day! The orphanage is now located in a new building. The original building is still standing behind the new structure. It is currently empty but we were able to look inside for Mia to see where she lived before we adopted her. Our tour of the new modern building consisted of viewing the nursery with 18 little girls age 6-8 months. And yes, I would have loved to take at least three home with me because that was about as many as I thought I could carry! We also visited a special needs room with children up to age 6 who were having lunch. Such beautiful children! The staff was very accommodating on the tour and allowed us to view Mia’s complete orphanage file. The deputy director gave me photo copies of some papers I had not seen before and made a gift to me of two photos of a very young Mia. As gifts, Mia and Becca each received an embroidered handkerchief from the deputy director.

We treated the deputy director and the office manager to lunch at a local restaurant. It was a great time to ask questions of them and them of us. We had a very nice visit while enjoying some local dishes. Mia’s favorite was the noodles. They tell me that very long noodles are served on one’s birthday to symbolize longevity. I think Mia ate five or more helpings of noodles! We made a gift of all of our left over food to be sent back to the older children at the orphanage. It was arranged with the restaurant that they would deliver while we continued of to Mia’s finding site.

Much to my surprise, the deputy director and office manager accompanied us to the Buddhist nunnery where Mia was first found as an infant. I was surprised again when we learned the nun, Jing Xin, who had originally found Mia was still there. We had brought a gift of a photo album just in case she was there even though we knew the chances were slim. We had a nice visit and as our third surprise we learned that she still had the original basket that Mia was found in. That old basket is now our most priceless souvenir. Now comes the matter of how to get it back to the US. Humm….FedEx here I come!

What an emotional day! It was so great we could share this moment with family. I think Lois gave Jing Xin the biggest hug I have ever seen. We are so thankful to her and hope we have brought her some relief knowing Mia is loved and cared for.

We stopped for dinner at KFC and then we walked to Super Wal-mart. Okay….I have to tell you that Wal-mart is basically the same on this continent as well. Lois took some fun photos and Marc bought some water for our train ride tomorrow. We leave early, before 8 am, tomorrow for the train station.

Goodnight from Chenzhou!


3 Responses to “Chenzhou – Day 11”

  1. The Simpson's says:

    Wow! What a special day for Mia! I am having a great time reading all about your adventures. It sounds like it has been a great experience for all of you! Memories that will last a lifetime…..

    Nicole :-)

  2. Kathy and John Sutherland says:

    That is incredible. I wish we could be there with you. I assume the old orphanage building will eventually be torn down? How very special you could be there. And to meet the woman who found Mia, that is special beyond words. Thinking of you and wishing you continued safe travels.

  3. The Bishop Family says:

    What an amazing journey! I got goosebumps thinking about how you must have felt during this experience. We are enjoying ‘taking the trip’ vicariously with you. After hearing a few of the entries, Lilli started planning our family trip. :) Safe travels!